Smart building technologies, planning, managing and operating facilities are disruptions that are affecting the way many companies conduct their business. With these changes shaking up the way companies use their real estate, developing new strategies and capabilities is paramount to facilities management teams. Going digital and using some of the real data can help your property management team avoid risks but also make informed decisions in the field of staff allocation. It also allows energy saving, predictive maintenance and hence shows the building manager as a reliable and proactive business partner.

Almost every facility management function can be done more efficiently through technology. From using sensors to detect burned-out light bulbs to automating workflows by using an online platform that informs vendors to perform repairs, technology speeds up processes while enabling greater transparency as everyone involved is able to see which stage a request is at.

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Increase safety

Our platform has integrated Permit to Work, LOTO and HSE modules which allows you to track every single mission critical activity. See the activity of all your workers and subcontractors in real time and track their work in order to make sure that each of them goes home safely. Sent security notices to the handphone of your workers with our HSE module and evacuate areas by sending instant messages to all workers active there.

Boost Productivity

Project control at all stages just got a whole lot easier. Our platform allows your team to streamline work on your construction and maintenance projects by boosting productivity and quality. Get access to site safety, and schedule your tasks from one place using your desktop or mobile device.

Digitalize Every Step

Compliance documentation can build up quickly. Stop wasting time when searching for documents, underlying construction permits and environmental impact reports by using powerful metadata, keyword and content search.

QA Inspections

Improve the efficiency and visibility of the commissioning process with a complete set of QA/QC controls, checklists and work procedures. Utilize digital QA Inspections that audit every piece of equipment with a mobile inspection application. O&M manuals can also be created and linked to tasks, jobs, and inspections.

Workorder Management

Work orders are essential for your maintenance operations and empower your teams. Our work order management tool enables an organization to plan any upcoming work including items, inventory, workers, documents, downtime, and maintenance. It also allows for the creation of work steps, assigning safety measures and validating required certifications.

Mobile Support

With our mobile app, you can quickly create work orders, assign them to the workforce and receive real-time notifications. Your workforce receives work orders on mobile devices such that workers have all information they need to finish work in time.

Reports and Analytics

With our reports and dashboards, the organization gets insights on various activities like workforce productivity, stock utilization, downtime reports, work order, etc. By accessing reports, the organization gets a solution for critical business problems that help measure progress throughout all levels of the process lifecycle.