We are focused on Our Principles

We Love Technology

Deploying state of the art technology including mobile applications, GPS position tracking, analytics and one joint collaboration database to provide software solutions as flexible and tailored as your projects are.

Our strength is Teamwork

With our tools we create a virtual team across the entire workforce including subcontractors, suppliers and clients. Working on the same data in real time enables everybody to make the right decisions instantly.

We Belive in Innovation

We continuously improve, extend and optimise our solution in order to give you the best product on the market. We work with your team to optimise and customise our applications to your needs so you will get the most out of it.


We founded our business to bring our exceptional knowledge and experience delivering complex IT solutions to clients in the construction business. Together, our founders have over decades of experience managing projects and delivering results in the infrastructure construction and IT industry. We have worked for multiple projects in many countries and used this operational knowledge to design this platform. It is a tool made and developed by professional HSE coordinators, Package Managers, Permit- and Project Managers for those facing the same challenges. Drawing from our long history of successful projects we can help you implement the right IT applications for the success of your business.

Key Features

  • One stop shop for all requirements of managing your construction projects
  • Total control of all activities
  • Collaboration Tool so that owners, subcontractors and employees can work together in one platform.
  • Mobile support for all major activities

Our Services

Permit to Work

Including vessel and people tracking as well as collaboration between all contractors for maximum safety and efficiency

GPS Tracking

Keep track of ships, helicopters, generate alarms, communicate with vessel pilots, view your employees live location

Availability Forecasting

Forecasting for energy trading companies in accordance with ENTSO-E rules

Log Books & Daily Progress Report

Digital logbook and Daily Progress Reports(DPR) for managers to record every shift details

Logistic Planning

Manage and plan your logistic along with inventory and work orders. Inform crews about schedules and departures

Employee Scheduling

Detailed shift planning solution for all work activities. Plan across your entire organisation for 24/7 operations

Work Order Management

Track work orders from the time they are created until the work order is completed and invoiced


Complete mobile inspection checklists and surveys anywhere, quick setup, customize your checklist, assign to workers, collect unlimited data

HSE and QA Reporting

Gather information about incidents, take photos, record information, send emergency alerts, view important contact information

Asset Management

Manage and maintain your assets along with inventory, purchase, maintenance, document management

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