ToolKitX is the latest end-to-end Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for field workforce management. We drive our customer's success by simplifying, automating and digitalizing their environment.

Our Cloud platform streamlines communication across all stakeholders and is audit-proof. ToolKitX complies with GDPR standards and improves the overall quality and efficiency of operational and workflow processes.

ToolKitX operates globally through its network of value added partners and representatives.


ToolKitX generates immediate ROI for power generation, offshore and onshore wind, upstream and midstream oil and gas, construction and manufacturing industries

Watch ToolKitX in action

We created the product video, to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of ToolKitX to you. It will give you an overview of the various modules and applications we have and also show you the applicability in different industries. With our portfolio we can cater for numerous industries, from utilities, oil and gas, water and wastewater as well as numerous production and service businesses.


Key Benefits

  • One stop shop for all requirements of managing your projects
  • Total control of all activities
  • Collaboration tool so that owners, subcontractors and employees can work together in one platform.
  • Mobile support for all major activities


ToolKitX is made and developed by professional HSE and Quality Managers, Package- , Permit- and Project Managers for those facing the same challenges.

We are focused on Our Principles


We Love Technology

We are deploying state of the art technology including mobile applications, GPS position tracking, 360° virtual imaging, analytics and one joint collaboration database to provide software solutions as flexible and tailored as your projects are.


Our strength is Teamwork

With our tools we create a virtual team across the entire workforce including subcontractors, suppliers and clients. Working on the same data in real time enables everybody to make the right decisions instantly.


We Believe in Innovation

We continuously improve, extend and optimise our solution in order to give you the best product on the market. We work with your team to adopt and customise our applications to your needs so you will get the most out of it.

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The world's leading companies trust ToolKitX to run their business operations.

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