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We Make Your Every Meeting Matter

Easiest booking system on the market.

Our meeting room app allows you to book any meeting room in the company directly and choose and book an available room suitable for their needs quickly and easily, using a mobile or desktop device.

Benefits of Meeting Room Management

Meeting Invitation

  • Invite your colleagues from the web or our mobile app.
  • No need to go back to your computer anymore.
  • Set the meeting name when booking.
  • Find a suitable room by selecting meeting room size and equipment.
  • Sent out the email invitation directly into the Outlook Calender.


  • Meeting Room Dashboard and Reporting is an analytical tool which provides information about top meeting room usage and top meeting rooms users.
  • You gain detailed insight on meeting room utilisation.
  • Get a detailed overview of meeting room equipments.


  • Quick and easy setup within minutes.
  • Create Meeting Rooms, add the equipment and start booking.
  • It fully integrates with your office calendar.
  • No additional knowledge and skills are needed to use the tool.

Why ToolKitX?

Achieve process excellence, engage employees and gain foresight with flexible management software that can be unified for even greater impact.

Tailored for your unique business
Analytics and reporting in one click
Access anywhere on mobile and web


Meeting Room Booking System

A new era of workplace transformation is upon us. Rapid advancements in office technology enable dynamic working modes, increasing flexibility, collaboration, and connectivity.

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ToolKitX is the latest end-to-end Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for field workforce management. We drive our customer's success by simplifying, automating and digitalizing their environment.

Our Cloud platform streamlines communication across all stakeholders and is audit-proof. ToolKitX complies with GDPR standards and improves the overall quality and efficiency of operational and workflow processes.

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