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Easily manage & maintain any kind of asset

This tool is designed to service and maintain your assets. It comes along with inventory and work orders management, document and contract management and a whole set of additional features for scheduled, preventive and predictive maintenance. It enables your organization to optimize lifecycle management of the physical assets.

Get control over your assets

Once an asset is added, our tool helps you to keep a life cycle record of the asset place with all works, maintenances, services, exchanges tracked and scheduled. Keep track of what it costs and maintain all other technical and non-technical details. Attach meta-data to your asset and unlock its hidden value.

Schedule your maintenance

Our tool helps to implement an effective series of maintenance actions to predict asset failures and extends the life of an asset. With its scheduling capability, it gives you alerts before an asset in service breaks down. This saves unplanned downtime and minimizes its negative impact on the business.

Flexible & automated reporting

With our reports and dashboards, the organization gets insights on various activities like workforce productivity, asset utilization, ongoing and planned work orders, etc. By accessing reports, the organization gets a solution for critical business problems that help measure progress throughout all levels of the process lifecycle.

Our Features

Location Management

Location management monitor and track any kind of moving asset. It also generates necessary alerts, therefore, giving full control of any movements.

Purchase Orders & Stock Management

With our purchase order tool, you can track your orders, vendors, goods, and cost associated with it. The tool takes care of the complete PO cycle from creation, approval, delivery, and invoice.

Document Management

The build in Document Management System allows for managing all document related to the assets so you have immediate access to all relevant information for service, maintenance and replacements.

Vendor and Invoices

These features can manage multiple vendors and takes care of the communication with the vendor, invoice approval, documentation and generate reports. It allows to create and send invoices to your vendors in their currency and language.

Change Management

Our change management module supports for development, rollout, and maintenance of system components in order to make the change process as efficient as possible.

Check out & Check in Assets

Once an asset is added in system, our tool helps you to search assets you have, track asset place, who are using them, where it has come from, what is it's cost and all other technical and non-technical details. Attach right meta-data to your asset and unlock its hidden value.

Project Management

The project management tool helps your employees and teams to collaborate and work together on each phase of the project. It takes care of planning, scheduling, task creation, task allocation, team management, forecasting, resource allocation, and all other items required for effective project execution. Our tool also connects different departments and makes it easier to include distributed teams.

Service Request

Service request management effectively manages service request life cycle and covers following steps: Create service request, assign workers, create work order, process work order, resolve service request, take necessary approvals, communicate to end-user, take customer feedback. It helps to cut down operation costs and improve customer service and work quality.

Equipment Failures

Monitoring failures in your equipment's is the very basis for condition based asset management. It allows you to run analytics on root causes of failures which will help you to early identify problems in your assets.

Mobile Support

Our tool has support for Android and iOS platform so that you can access multiple features of asset management on your mobile. It helps you to collect data faster and in real-time and improves internal communication and effective asset management processes.

Benefits of Asset Management

Increase Organization of Asset Data

Our web-based software solution can allow multiple users to access and update asset records in real-time, in one single, comprehensive database. No more multiple, messy spreadsheets.

Maintain More Detailed Asset Records

Leverage user defined fields and customizable options when implementing a new asset management software solution to ensure your organization is equipped to capture all necessary asset data.

Save Time Preparing Reports

Easily access asset records or download the information you need with user friendly reporting tools. Solutions which allow you to create customized reports can save even more time and make managing your data even easier.

File Reports on Time

Instantly run reports that meet the needs of your auditors. With a robust reporting tool, this might mean no more having to manipulate spreadsheet data to create reports for your auditors.

Automate Depreciation Calculations

Produce compliant accounting reports with less stress. By leveraging an asset management software solution with accounting functionality, you can properly depreciate assets over their useful life and hopefully, help avoid receiving a qualified opinion on your next audit.

Easily Manage Change Requests

Solutions which allow you to create an approval process to manage asset change requests and provide a complete, auditable history can prove valuable during an audit.

Automate the Transfer of Assets

Using a fixed asset software solution with e-mail notifications, flexible approval routing and which incorporates your own business rules can help enforce compliance, increase efficiency and eliminate errors and delays when it comes to transferring assets.

Maintain Current Condition of Assets

By tracking asset condition and maintenance with easy to use logs can help you gain an accurate picture of your fixed assets and better budget for their replacement.

Assign Asset Owners

Know exactly who to go to when there are question during the inventory or auditing process. Keep documents organized: upload documents like purchase orders, insurance policies, user guides, and images to have all necessary information in one place.

Get hold of your asset

Assets add values in production if they are well maintained throughout their life cycle. With our various modules in the asset management system, you get a complete overview of the asset purchase price, failures frequency, downtime, service request, maintenance, location, etc which helps to minimize wasted resources and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Asset Management

Enables full transparency within your project,allowing for real-time,fact-based decision making from fabrication to operations.

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