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Availability Forecasting per EU-NetTransparency

This tool helps energy trading companies to get detailed availability forecasting in order to market the produced energy most efficiently. Easy availability forecasting paired with an innovative interface and appealing visualizations to automate the process are all part of the tool.

Availability Forecasting benefits
  • Market leading wind power fore cast accuracy
  • Robust, low maintenance system with minimal interference for the client
  • Reliable, stable and with high availability with a proven track record from clients requiring availability of 99,9% and above
  • Supports asset owners and traders optimize their power production portfolio for accurate nomination and trading of electricity, minimizing imbalance fees and penalties
  • Supports system operators manage overall electricity grid, increase system stability and minimize cost of balancing the system and reserve cost
  • Standard interfaces to grid operators for ENTSO-E compliant reporting are included as well as interfaces to major direct marketing partners in Europe


Efficient asset management

Using our platform, forecasts can now be integrated quickly and interactively into your own processes - not only weather-specific deviations and effects become more transparent and an optimal management of your own assets becomes possible.

Enabling energy trading

Our open platform format enables the integration and condensation of a wide variety of information.

Powering the digitization of infrastructure

Digitization means the changes of processes, objects and events for the use of digital devices and requires standardized data and structures.

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Availability Forecasting

Enables full transparency within your project,allowing for real-time,fact-based decision making from fabrication to operations.

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