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  • Actionable Real-Time report
  • Provides accurate inventory reports to end customers via an online self-service portal
  • Cuts costs of operations by 20%+
  • Fosters product segregation and avoids contamination or unwanted blending
  • Supports on-premise workforce with mobile and handheld devices
  • Improves safety and compliance
  • Supports revenue control and business optimization via BI
  • Improves documentation

ToolKitX supports the following customer order types from placing the nomination to invoicing

Loading or unloading marine tankers and barges

Loading or unloading road tankers or ISO tanks

Internal tank transfers and blending

Breakbulk operations with IBCs and drumming equipment

Pipeline and transfer handlings

Product services such as additives or scavenger registration, heating or chilling

Unique new digital (SAAS based) module for administratively process Liquids and Gases Bulk Storage Handling and custody transfers for inland depots and marine terminals.

Integrated custody control for operations and commercial departments focused for Quantity, Quality, and Safe handling conditions based upon Best Practices.

Simple user-friendly software that uses logical step-by-step processes with clear responsibilities that supports operators in fulfilling their customer orders and all related operational and administrative tasks.


Customers can place their orders online, monitor their inventory and track status throughout the whole process up to invoicing
Operators handle all necessary steps paperless with a mandatory digital process, from receiving an order, taking all operational prerequisites and safety measures, executing the order, and performing all follow-on procedures and maintenance work with a minimal input since all client contracts and handlings are pre-defined in the system.
Keep track of the technical availability and its related client inventory in real-time
Internal workflows run fully electronically including work orders, safety procedures such as electronic permit to work, lock out / tag out or HSEQ, operational process and administration
The solution seamlessly integrates with technical supervision, gauging and data collection systems (SCADA), and external ones such as DCS, ENTIS, ISGOTT, and incumbent ERP solutions

Why ToolKitX?

Achieve process excellence, engage employees and gain foresight with flexible management software that can be unified for even greater impact.

Tailored for your unique business
Analytics and reporting in one click
Access anywhere on mobile and web


Tank Management

Enables full transparency within your project,allowing for real-time,fact-based decision making from fabrication to operations.

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About ToolKitX

ToolKitX is the latest end-to-end Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for field workforce management. We drive our customer's success by simplifying, automating and digitalizing their environment.

Our Cloud platform streamlines communication across all stakeholders and is audit-proof. ToolKitX complies with GDPR standards and improves the overall quality and efficiency of operational and workflow processes.

ToolKitX operates globally through its network of value added partners and representatives.