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A powerful human resources solution with features for employee documents, Emergency contacts, leave & asset management, with live alerts and instant messaging, designed to take advantage of mobile devices.


Overseeing your employees

Maintaining and keeping your staff is crucial. While recruiting is necessary to grow your talent pool, growing and developing your current staff is more cost-effective, especially since they’re already familiar with your company's policies and workflows.

An HR software allows you to keep track of every aspect that's required to plot your employee’s career development plan. This includes gathering information about their performance on training courses, keeping a record of each employee’s points for development, and conducting appraisals regularly.

Monitoring leaves and absences

At times when your employees suddenly have to request leaves for holidays or sickness absences, you wouldn't want to be caught off-guard and entangled with messy, time-consuming email trails. This can significantly disrupt your workflows and productivity.

Our HR solution can help you efficiently manage absences and leaves. It simplifies and automates the way you plan for the holidays, keep track of each employee's remaining leaves, calculate pro-rate entitlement, and handle holiday requests.

Saving time and improving productivity

Admin tasks are some of the most time-consuming tasks an HR manager does. Some of these include holiday booking and approval, holiday allowance calculation, sickness recording and monitoring, employee data updating, objective logging, training monitoring, and expense logging and approval, among others.

Automation through HR systems reduces the time and effort it takes to complete each task. When you receive a holiday request from an employee, you no longer have to go through spreadsheets to look for the complete information on the employee's request status. It helps you be more efficient and productive with your work management regardless of the number of employees you handle.

Securing data management

In a typical setup, your sensitive employee data are stored in your office’s filing cabinets. But is it really safe? There is little to no assurance that everyone who can access these files is authorized. But by storing these vital data in the cloud through your HR system, you can prevent unauthorized people from getting their hands (and eyes) on information they're not allowed to see.

It also gives you full visibility on who viewed what information and when. Since it's saved on your computer or mobile device, you won’t risk your files from physical catastrophes such as fire or flood. Additionally, it enables you to have a paper-free office as you no longer have to print documents, policies, handbooks, and training manuals.

Seeing data at a glance

An HR system collects data and lets you access it anytime and anywhere you need it. The data is available at a glance and you can view and retrieve them with only a few clicks. This enables you to deeply drill into the analytics of the data which are relevant in identifying trends and spotting problems. It's a feasible solution that relieves you from the mess of having a paper-based system with file cabinets and information that's difficult to reiterate and extract from memory.


Human Resource

Enables full transparency within your project,allowing for real-time,fact-based decision making from fabrication to operations.

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