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A powerful document automation software to manage digital documents with one click. External documents, such as scanned invoices or signed delivery documents, can be imported into archive libraries for further workflow automation.

Features Offering

Document register

ToolKitX DMS contains all project documents created internally, as well as those received from vendors. The register includes metadata, such as discipline, system, tags and equipment. The system retains all revisions of a document, but also ensures that the end-user retrieves the current revision. Previous revisions can be accessed by individuals with the required permissions. End-users can use the browser to access documents using mobile devices (e.g. iPads or smart phones). Revisions can contain several files, allowing storage of both original CAD drawing files, and PDF conversions. Searches can be performed based on IDs and metadata or based on file content. Documents that require action are easily identifiable. Documents can be automatically numbered based on predefined rules pinpointing the document type. Contractors’ document IDs are also kept for reference.

Document review and approval

Documents are efficiently distributed for review or approval based on a distribution matrix defined at various levels. Document controllers can easily identify documents that have been updated and are ready to be reviewed and initiate the review process. The reviewer receives an email with hyperlinks to the review area (also available as a web page), where the reviewer can do markups directly in the document, provide basic text comments, or perform a physical markup, scan and upload the document. Document control can easily identify documents that have been reviewed and are ready to be returned to the originator and can then prepare a transmittal if the document has been produced by an external party. The transmittal can be accessed by an external party using the browser, without needing to install an application or plugin. Document controllers maintain an overview of all reviews on an ongoing basis; delays can be identified promptly and reminders sent to ensure efficient processing.

Contractor interface

Contractors can submit documents using the browser. The documents are made available in the main document register when they are approved by Document Control. Contractors can also access project documents via web pages (e.g. return of review comments or documents for information). Documents from contractors can be retrieved by other media and batch imported by Document Control.

Document production

ToolKitX Document Control provides tools to ensure documents are produced with a consistent layout, according to project requirements. Document numbers are automatically created based on predefined and configurable numbering systems. Distribution to external parties, review and approval, can be defined based on a distribution matrix, which is set up at the desired level.


ToolKitX DMS Document Control includes several reports that provide key information to Document Controllers. The reports can easily be filtered and configured to fit project requirements. Reports can be exported to various formats, including Excel and PDF, and easily distributed using MS Outlook.

Benefits of running ToolKitX DMS
as a Hosted Service:

Access to the application without the burden of maintaining a distributed computing environment

No need to deploy the application to an DMZ for contractor access

Excellent alternative to consider if managing servers, infrastructure and software is more than you want to take on


Document Management System

Enables full transparency within your project,allowing for real-time,fact-based decision making from fabrication to operations.

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